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Updated: Apr 2

A storyboard artist is someone who takes a script, a concept, or an idea and turns the words into a visual language of sequential artworks known as storyboards. It’s a significant role because these artists help others see through the director's eyes so that the vision can be replicated on-screen through the camera. MitchStoryboard is one of the finest London-based sequential artists and illustrators you can see from his website, how he brings compounded ideas and concepts to life using detailed visuals.

Storyboards are powerful tools that help you more accurately envision the script and outline of a film, advertising video production, or animation. Above the skill of a top artist, a top storyboard artist must think like a filmmaker, see through the eyes of a camera, and have an understanding of drama and acting skills, to which he shall have to be able to communicate through their hand and stylus. The accuracy you need as a professional storyboard artist who can create well-detailed storyboards is a very tough gig to fill and unquestionably, finding the best choice in London is a daunting task. MitchStoryboard is a top advertising option in the UK as he not only draws well and has 13 years of experience working on top advertising campaigns he is an ad man and thinks like a marketeer, seeing through a customer's eyes to best promote and represent brands. Not just a professional storyboard artist for the sake of saying, but it’s the work that stands out. Mitch has a great talent for distilling an inventive brief into comprehensible and visually impressive artworks.

Mitch is a talented, true professional with a breathtaking artistic flare. He will realize the brief through precise listening, works tirelessly to get it right, and will always contribute some great ideas that lift up any project that he has the pleasure to help with. While always determined to offer the most amazing piece of storyboarding, none of the clients have ever gotten the possibility to complain. It won’t be an embellishment to say - MitchStoryboard is a first-class choice when looking to hire a London Based artist.

Visit his storyboard design portfolio at for more examples.

Illustration drawn in pencil of fruit landing with a splash in water.
MitchStoryboard Freelance Advertising Storyboard Artist London UK

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