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Updated: Apr 2

MitchStoryboard is a storyboarding service based in London, UK with over 13 years of experience in indie film, TV, video, and advertising television commercials. His university degree in 2D animation set a foundation for traditional artistry and his love of sequential artwork spills into his spare time where he creates comic books and graphic novels. His storyboard art has been focused on many disciplines over the years but his pitch visuals really help win a client's trust in a project, maybe color illustrations are what is needed to help impress with a few keyframes but his work really shines in black and white frames as well. His accuracy and skill with perspective, composition and framing are top-notch, and his ability to see through the eyes of a camera allows him to get in the mind's eye of a director, this really helps and his storyboarded breakdowns are second to none when breaking down your script into shots. Whether working alone or with a team, Mitch works in a very professional manner meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations to the level of what is achievable in timeframes and budget. Contact now and get the best storyboard art at an affordable price. (+44) 07710160655 or to know more about his professional storyboard solutions visit his storyboarding portfolio at www.mitchstoryboard.co.uk or email mitch.storyboard@gmail.com

High-end pen and ink monochrome advertising storyboard of a Honda SUV.
MitchStoryboard Freelance Advertising Storyboard Artist London UK

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