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Updated: Apr 2

Creating a project with the help of storyboards can often seem a pointless spend of the budget, instead opting to call on the skills of the employee with a secondary school level of art and design. In truth, the storyboard process can elevate your project's creativity and design together with a top artist who can draw all the details can really help sell and communicate your ideas to clients. With the help of MitchStoryboard a professional freelance storyboard artist in London, you can spot problems and use the knowledge of his filmmaking to save time and budget further down the line of production. The creation of sketches from the script when developing television advertising commercials is particularly important and something MitchStoryboard is very experienced in, having trained in animation at University this has been followed up by 13 years of experience in advertising. He can certainly help with your storyboard visual design project. See his portfolio website at www.mitchstoryboard.co.uk or call him on his mobile phone at (+44) 07710160655

Director storyboard of helicopter flying over head through a smoke cloud.
MitchStoryboard Freelance Advertising Storyboard Artist London UK

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