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Updated: Apr 1

When you want to sketch a quick scene in less than a minute, storyboarding comes in handy. A Freelance Storyboard Artist can help you with that, so you never have to worry about asking that member of staff to try and draw on that secondary school art class talent to get it done for free. Not only could this affect the chances of winning the project it really won't get across the vision as it could be done, including all the details a client and production could plan and discuss. Not only can they enthrall your customers with the best ideas, and communicate them in the best way, storyboarding can help prepare for those unforeseen scenario issues and filming angles that just won't work. They draw, help communicate your vision for production in meetings with crew and clients, and not only that it is done in a quick and professional manner when you come to an artist like MitchStoryboard. He is an experienced artist and compared to his competition he is the same price for over 13 years of professional storyboarding and filmmaking problem solving with production agencies, directors, and filmmakers around the world. Check out his storyboard portfolio website or call him at (+44) 07710160655.

Digital pencil sketch of Karcher WD5.
MitchStoryboard Freelance Advertising Storyboard Artist London UK

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