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Updated: Apr 2

Before starting a project it is always best to hear a brief, this can include a look and feel brief with reference videos and images, along with your director's notes and shot-list I can even incorporate a recce location and set if you have something specific in mind, I really can get all the details we need to be drawn into the frames, quickly and accurately. MitchStoryboard has a great talent for distilling your creative briefs into visual communication and story frames. From this outline, it's very easy for you and your clients to see how things will look, this really helps make the selection of shots and camera moves together. So when it comes to shooting day, everyone is on the same page, ready to film the storyboards. Contact today and get the amazing storyboard art at a special price. To know more visit his website portfolio: www.mitchstoryboard.co.uk or call him (+44) 07710160655

Vibrant colour storyboard illustrating an X ray of human chest as a heart beat in the chest.
MitchStoryboard Freelance Advertising Storyboard Artist London UK

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