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Updated: Apr 2

MitchStoryboard became a storyboard artist thirteen years ago after a degree in traditional animation. Rather than move into animation he decided to follow his passion for sequential art, he had always loved comic books as a child and the idea of creating comic books professionally was an impossible feat, he went for second best and started to look for storyboarding work. First, he found jobs on craigslist and freelance websites, Twitter and Facebook. He found many independent filmmakers looking to create their own films and so mitch found his first gigs. At first, the artwork was super quick sketches very much like the animation storyboard frames, big shapes, and messy getting the guts down on the paper, animatics were the next step but Mitch just doesn't like creating animatics using computer software he prefers to draw, and so he began to look for the next opportunity. Lucky for him he had a friend working in advertising and this was his first chance to begin his journey into advertising. As a child, he loved to watch the adverts and after a few years, it became clear Mitch is not only good at sketching the higher-end detailed pitch visuals but he is a marketing-minded professional. Incorporating brand guidelines and a visual approach perfectly synced with what was expected from the agencies and producers he was working for. This was almost 9 years ago and since then he has been focused on turning scripts into visual communication for pitching and advertisements for television commercials. Why not have a look at his storyboarding portfolio at or Contact him at or call for a free quote (+44) 07710160655 for the most excellent concept design visuals - low price guaranteed with superior service!

Black and white tone advertising director storyboard of man reaching for Alpha bicycle on a rack.
MitchStoryboard Freelance Advertising Storyboard Artist London UK

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