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Updated: Apr 1

Looking for a storyboard artist? Then you have come to the right place, freelance storyboard artists can visualize a script into visual communication so that your clients can see and understand your vision for pitching and filming. The storyboard artists must have a lot more skill than just being good at just drawing. There are diverse methods in which a Professional Storyboard Artist can help you out, understanding camera moves, budget limitations, including casting and locations into these hand-drawn frames, storyboard artists must be an extension of your director's vision. MitchStoryboard is the best artist for advertising storyboards, he will be a great asset for your production shaving time and money off the pre-production process as he can help sell the vision as well as communicate the script in sketches to help the filming team. You should visit his website: or get in touch with him by phone: (+44) 07710160655 for your next project.

Black and white storyboard illustration examples page three.
MitchStoryboard Freelance Advertising Storyboard Artist London UK

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